Series Range

B3 SERIES range; we have 3 SERIES shapes which have been designed by the Doctor to suit every kind of shot maker. Although these are  “off the shelf” designs you still have lots of options to customise your bat including weight, blade length, handle length, handle type to tailor the bat to suit your needs and not forgetting the 12 different colour stickers and 10 different colour grip options



The Doctor describes this as a modern shape which has proved a very popular shape over the last few years amongst the pro’s. With a mid to high swell position, combined with the pronounced scoop profile the DB1 really is a bat that picks up really nicely, still maintaining a very large edge size. A comment that we hear a lot is “look at the size of that” and “how light is this” in our showroom when people pick this beauty up. This bat is suited to the all round play maker who likes to hit the ball on the up.


The scooped profile allows mass to be removed without sacrificing the edge or spine height allowing us to achieve big looking, lightweight bat.




The SERIES DB2 is a bat with its roots in the sub-continent with a high middle with very little scooping. This bat suits the more traditional player who likes to play on the back foot that hooks and pulls for fun. The high middle makes this bat have a great pick up and although it might not look as big as the other bats in the SERIES range it packs just as big a punch!




The SERIES DB3 is one of the very first bats to employ the latest in bat design technology, the offset edge. Most front foot players ideally would like to have a swell that was relatively low so they get maximum power from their shots. The trouble is, this can make the bat pick up heavier than the actual weight. This is where the offset edge really comes into its own. The swell on the edge profile is low compared to the swell of the spine, which is relatively high. By lowering the swell on the edge, we can put more wood towards the toe of the bat, thus lowering the sweetspot, and making it more effective for those front foot players. However, by keeping the swell on the spine higher, we still maintain a nice pick up and elongate the middle for as big an effective hitting area as possible.



Have a look at our youtube channel for more videos. Or click on the below video to watch the Dr explain the differences between the 3 series shapes


Unsure of what bat shape suits your style of play, just contact us and ask for the Doctor, David Bacon, if you’d like more info